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  1. Equip, develop & provide ongoing coaching and training to local churches, pastors and business leaders with a Kingdom Builders "Game Plan".   This Game Plan helps people move from success to significance by working together and connecting to kingdom purpose to advance the cause of the local church.

    We have met countless individuals who even after reaching a level of success in their lives; soon thereafter experience emptiness or void in their lives.  A feeling that there must be more to life than just amassing more "stuff". A true longing to make sure they’ll leave a meaningful legacy.  

    Through teaching resources as well as speaking and mentoring, we have a mission to bring encouragement, teaching and vision to help pastors, church staff, businesspeople, and parents stay on course. Our desire is to challenge everyone to be ALL God has called you to be.

  2. Provide resources for our OUTREACH Initiative:
  • Trafficking Hope Campaign, a national anti-human trafficking organization making a difference in the fight against sex trafficking in the USA; Trafficking Hope brings a holistic approach to ending human trafficking thru its C.A.R.E.S. Initiative.  (COALITION, AWARENESS, RESCUE, EDUCATION, SERVICES).  Our C.A.R.E.S. online portal provides all the tools necessary for local churches to combat human trafficking in their own cities.

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