KB Gameplan: Kingdom Builders Devotional

Your job is not just a job, a means by which you make money. Your work at home, at the office, and in your business, is an essential part of God's master plan to reconcile humanity back to Himself and to build His Kingdom. Your Kingdom building work has redemptive purpose, and God has created each of us to need this and to pursue this. The challenges for most of us are the discovery process, the courage to answer the call and then the next steps to maintain the discipline for the journey. The answer for all these challenges is God's Word. Our souls need His wisdom and promises to survive just like our bodies need water and food to survive. But God did create you and me simply to survive…He called each of us to thrive! The Kingdom Builders Devotional will lead you on a one-year journey and give you the weekly course adjustments you can apply daily to make sure you stay on the right path, with the right perspective. Through the power of God's Word, you will never be the same.