Today’s business leaders are looking to experience true purpose…significance. Kingdom Builders is designed to teach business leaders to be legacy focused and to recognize their business “calling” as their God given ministry.

We strive to train marketplace leaders to see themselves becoming a steward, and not an owner, of all that God has placed in their hands. They are a piece of God’s puzzle, to carry out His Global mandate, through the gifts and talents He has entrusted them with!

Kingdom Builders’ heart is to come along side Pastors and connect them with marketplace leaders. God has given Pastors the vision for His Church and given Business Leaders the gifts and talents to fund the vision. For true Kingdom impact to take place, it is imperative that we bridge the gap between these two worlds.

Pastors hold the key that unlocks the door of destiny for their local businesspeople. We believe Pastors should lead their people to understand the VALUE of their calling! Our goal is to train and empower Pastor’s around the world to Initiate, be Intentional, operate with Integrity, and Invest in their local market place leaders, to see the vision God has placed in their hearts come to pass.



We started Kingdom Builders as a way to value our business people. We wanted to create an environment where they fully understand the value of their God-given church. Many times as a Pastor, I have dreams and I have visions, but it takes working with our business people with their talent and their resources that God has given them in order to carry that vision out.

Robert Morris
Founding Senior Pastor, Gateway Church
Author of Best Seller "
The Blessed Life: Unlocking the Rewards of Generous Living"

"Lee Domingue has been a close friend of mine for over 17 years. He has a unique passion, gifting and calling for the local church, for pastors, and for business men and women, and his ability to bring them together is extraordinary. Lee motivates others to walk in the complete fulfillment of God's plan and call on their lives. His Kingdom-mindedness and capability to dig truths deep inside the hearts of his listeners is contagious, as his love for life, God, and the Kingdom exudes in every area of his life. Every pastor should have Lee speak to their church and staff. It changed our church permanently.”

Rick Bezet
Senior Pastor, New Life Church
Author of Best Seller "Be Real: Because Fake is Exhausting"

“Kingdom Builders and Pearls of The King” are powerful in defining the purpose of business people and challenging them to fulfill their destiny as they work together with ministry to accomplish God’s Kingdom plan. Lee is very open to share his life transparently while bringing the Word full circle as to how it impacts our lives within our business and thus within the Kingdom. Working together within our God given gifts the opportunities are amazing as we believe and step forward in faith. Lee is masterful in drawing out the best in all of us.

Jerry Meek
President, Desert Star Construction, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona

"From the very moment I met Lee, his investment into my life began. He is transparent, encouraging, challenging, and a true friend to pastors everywhere. He knows how to set men and women on fire for God’s great plan. Once I received Lee’s book, Pearls of the King, I began to read it and I could not put it down. After communicating countless times by phone we finally found the opportunity for Lee to come spend time with us. Myself, my family, our staff, and the many Kingdom Builders at Barefoot Church are so grateful for the value he added to all of us in that time spent. His investment into us has been exponential. His book, Pearls of the King, changed the way I think. It has really helped me, as a pastor, to understand the position that so many businessmen and women play in the life of the local church. No pastor should manage the vision God has given without this insight. Bring Lee in; he is a dynamic communicator that will help so many come along side of God’s vision for your church."

Clay NeSmith
Senior Pastor, Barefoot Church
South Carolina

"I believe in the heart of every believer is the desire to make a difference, one of those ways is learning how to be a steward of their resources. What Lee has done in creating Kingdom Builders is given people the knowledge, tools and passion to do that as a lifestyle in the house of God and from the house of God. Literally 100s of pastors & churches are using this tool to see their vision happen. Thank you Lee for coming alongside to see the great commission fulfilled thru the local church."

Dino Rizzo
Executive Director, ARC
Author of "Servolution"

"Lee Domingue has the unique ability to connect with business leaders and church leaders. He shares a blend of marketplace wisdom and common sense leadership that helps encourage and build up men and women to fulfill God’s purpose for their life. Lee is the real deal and he has had a huge impact on C3 Church and our vision to provide real hope for real people in a real world. I highly recommend Lee to come speak to your church and business leaders. I know you and your church will be blessed."

Matt Fry
Lead Pastor, C3 Church
North Carolina

Lee, has been a close friend of mine for years. I have watched his life with business, family, relationships and with the Lord. I can say with no reservation that he is a man of integrity. His commitment to the local church has been a steady and faithful one. I’ve watched him down size his living arrangements to be able to do more in the Kingdom of God. I guess the words that could describe Lee is that he is a kingdom man. No wonder God has him leading Kingdom Builders. He is well respected around the world, he is a great speaker and anointed writer. Our church has been greatly blessed by his influence on all levels. My life has been greatly blessed by his mentorship and wisdom on every level. I would encourage any pastor to open up the door to allow Lee’s integrity, influence and wisdom in. I believe, what you will find is that when you open the door Lee will help you unlock the widows from heaven so God can pour into your life more than you can contain. What are you waiting for?

Pastor Mark Stermer
Senior Pastor, The Church