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When does Lee arrive?

  • Lee normally arrives the morning of the onsite.  Cross country or international travel may require an additional day(s).

How long does an onsite meeting last?

  • Generally 4 hours broken up into two sessions (morning session and afternoon session) with a 30 minute break for lunch. 

When does Lee depart?

  • Lee will depart after last session.  Below is a sample onsite agenda.

What does a typical onsite agenda look like?


SAMPLE AGENDA - Strategic Onsite Meeting:

  • Date: January 1, 2018
  • Church: YOUR Church
  • Attendees: Lee Domingue, Ps. John Doe and Lead Team

Proposed Agenda:

10:00AM – Lee arrives

10:15AM - Pastor opens up, sets tone and introduces Lee

10:30AM - Lee meets Lead Team

  • Lee's shares Legacy vision, purpose
  • What, Why a Legacy Team?
  • Creating Legacy Team
  • Sustaining a Legacy Team
  • Legacy Strategic Plan
  • Q & A

12:30PM - LUNCH / BREAK (can be working lunch)

01:00PM - Q & A

  • Create Timeline with Legacy Team Integration for the next 12 months

02:30PM - Dismissed with Action items

  • Lee debriefs with Pastor then departs.


  • White board
  • AV Screen for PowerPoint presentation (HDMI or Apple TV)
  • Bottled water, coffee

Onsite Win:

  • Lead Team gets the spirit of Legacy Team
  • Legacy (pastor) and stakeholders identified
  • Strategic Plan
  • Timeline with clear next steps for team


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