Kingdom Builders believes effective, life-changing missional outreach is a natural expression of both a thriving local church and a prosperous business. Many years ago, Lee and his wife, Laura, began to embrace the vision in their hearts to help the hurting around the world through their local church. With very little to give, they faithfully supported two different organizations that were dedicated to bring help to the poor and needy. As this family gave consistently each month, their businesses and resources began to multiply making way for millions of dollars to be given to help the those in need. 

Kingdom Builders outreach initiatives:


Trafficking Hope

Trafficking Hope’s C.A.R.E.S. (Coalition, Awareness, Rescue, Education, Services) approach is to build coalitions, promote public awareness and education, as well as provide transitional, short, and long term care for victims through restoration homes.




Children's Cup

Children's Cup, Inc. a international humanitarian and spiritual aid organization who serves in the hard places where war, natural disasters and disease epidemics have devastated societies.  Cup's mission is to change the world for hurting and forgotten children by giving them hope in the love of Jesus Christ.  These children in hard places know horrors most of our children have never even heard of. Food, shelter, medicine and education are not enough to heal their emotions. Many have been sexually abused or beaten. They need hope. Hope’s name is Jesus!



HaTikva Project (The Hope Project) exists to see the Israeli Body of Messiah built up and to serve needy Israelis in the name of Yeshua as we fulfill His commandment to “love you neighbor as yourself.” Through HaTikva Project, Christians everywhere have an opportunity to not only minister to the needs of the local believers in Israel, but to also strategically fund the growing body of Messiah in Israel – propelling forth the sharing of the Gospel to the Jewish people and helping to finance works of justice.