Healthy life change happens in the context of authentic relationship. The KB Summit is about relational recalibration, refueling and repurposing.

Every pastor and every businessperson is designed by God to work hand and hand to advance the cause of His church. Without each other, their respective destinies will never be fully fulfilled. The goal of the KB Summit is to bring together pastors and leaders to a beautiful life giving setting to understand the value of their relationship and calling…together. Once we fully understand that we are not only created by God, BUT for God will we understand that our destiny is actually intertwined with each other.

God has given each one of us a divine “lane” to run in. It’s a lane that is unique to each of us and specific to what God had called us to do. We have spent many years of our lives trying to figure out our purpose and asking ourselves the “what’s it for” question in life. 

  • What’s the influence for?
  • What’s the money/success for?
  • What’s the talent for? 
  • What’s my faith for?
  • What's my business for?
  • What's my church for?
  • What's my role in business and my church?

The "what for" is about kingdom purpose. The very reason you and I were created. Once you step up in your God given lane and connect to kingdom purpose you will never be the same. Neither will your family, local church. community or the legacy you leave!

We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!