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The rare quality of a Kingdom Builder is a
strong leader with a submitted heart.




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Lee Domingue is an entrepreneur, international speaker, pastor and author of Stay In Your LanePearls of the King, KB Gameplan, and The Family Meeting Guide. His passion for the local church to be the hope of the world drives him to help thousands of pastors and marketplace leaders understand just how vital they are to each other. Only by effectively developing an intentional relationship will they reach the potential of their God-given destinies.


Through his ministry, Kingdom Builders U.S., Lee brings inspiration and practical strategies for pastors and marketplace leaders to understand the significant eternal return on investment, or what he calls “e-ROI®”, that their relationship creates to build the Kingdom of God.

Lee draws his messages from over 35 years of success in business in the automotive, financial technology, healthcare, and real estate sectors as well as being dedicated study of God’s Word, and committed service to his local church. In 1997, He founded AppOne, a financial technology company that was later acquired in 2007 by Wolters Kluwer, a multi-billion dollar global information and compliance services company. After the acquisition, Lee worked as CEO – Indirect Lending until retiring in 2011 to focus his passion on Kingdom Builders U.S. and Trafficking Hope, the anti-human trafficking campaign he and his wife, Laura, founded in 2007.

Lee motivates others to walk in the complete fulfillment of God's plan and call on their lives. His Kingdom-mindedness and capability to dig truths deep inside the hearts of his listeners is contagious, as his love for life, God, and the Kingdom exudes in every area of his life. Every pastor should have Lee speak to their church and staff. It changed our church permanently.







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